Sushi no Midori

Please use
the mail notification service

You can now reserve your place in line before coming.
Let your phone save your spot while you continue shopping.

How to use the EPARK system


Press the “受付(Reserve)” button.
Read the QR code on the printed ticket
using your smartphone.


Click “Agree and register”


Click the “Register mail notification service”


Your registration is complete when you receive the “Register complete” e-mail.
You will be notified when your seat is ready.
*Please allow your phone to receive messages from the domain “”

About EPARK system

EPARK is a reservation service used by more than thirteen million users. You can easily check the waiting time of the facility just by checking your PC or smartphone.
Also by registering your spot online, you can enter the facility without waiting in line. You can even chose a specific time and date(*). From gourmet, shopping centers to even healthcare, EPARK is available in many facilities.
(*) The service varies depending on the facility.

contact number
(Automated voice response service)
0120-710-189 japanese only
(Monday-Sunday 10:00-20:00)